A.J. Brown undergoes surgery on both knees

On Tuesday night, A.J. Brown went on Instagram Live from a hospital bed to announce that he had just underwent surgery on both of his knees. Brown would go on to say, “They told me I was done for the year in Week 2. I played all year. I ended up making the Pro Bowl. Didn’t know how I was going to do it. I did it.”

Despite playing through his knee injuries, Brown was still able to earn his first Pro Bowl nod and gain 1,075 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns in just 14 games.

Shortly after going on Instagram Live, Mike Garafolo would report that Brown had undergone a simple knee cleanup and that it would not be anything that would affect his 2021 season.

This was likely just a partial meniscectomy to smooth out any torn flaps in the meniscus and to prevent fraying or a removal of loose bodies in the joint capsule. A partial meniscectomy will provide immediate and long term pain relief, as it removes the meniscal flap from catching or locking with movement. Either way, Brown’s return to sport should not take more than two to four weeks.

Partial Meniscectomy | Knee Surgeon | Minnesota

As a result, fans should not be worried about Brown’s future prognosis. In fact, they should be excited to see a fully healthy Brown in 2021 — I mean, just look at what he did while he was hurt.

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