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Broadway Sports Media was founded with a single goal in mind: be the premier source for great local sports content in Nashville.

Powered by your favorite Nashville personalities, analysts, writers, broadcasters and content creators, we cover the Tennessee Titans and the NFL, Nashville SC and the MLS, and the Nashville Predators and the NHL.

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National coverage rarely does justice to small market teams like the Titans, Nashville SC or the Predators. We’re here to provide better, more in depth, more informed content by great localjournalists who are plugged in.

So what makes us different? It’s our hyper-local focus. WE actually know about these teams on a detailed level. WE have a finger on the pulse of the city. WE know how fans see things and feel about their teams. WE are actually accessible to you on social media, and soon, in-person!

If you’re turned off by semi-informed media and elitist inaccessibility to journalists and personalities, we’re here to offer you the local coverage and access you desire.

Our coverage includes daily and breaking news updates, credentialed reporting, critical analysis and opinions, the BSM Podcast Network, exclusive player profiles and interviews, NFL Draft coverage and reports, fantasy and sports betting advice, livestreams and Q&A’s, and much more all for FREE!

Or get the ultimate access by becoming a Broadway Insider to unlock ALL content on the site, and you get access to premium articles by your favorite writers, early access to select written, audio and video content, invitations to private livestreams and Q&A’s, the new Broadway Morning Newsletter, invitations to private fantasy leagues and competitions, and even more that we have planned down the road!
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