All-22 Review – Revisiting the Titans game plan against Baltimore

For the train wreck this defense has become, Tennessee’s game plan against Baltimore remains one of their best of the year. They did it in a unique and modern way by establishing their base defense out of Mint and Tite front concepts. Given the success they had, I expect we’ll see more of that from Tennessee in this game.

First things first, you’ll want to check out my review of the first Titans – Ravens game.

Here’s a traditional front the Titans run:

It’s a one gap defense. Note, you’ve got outside linebackers as edge defenders, and only two linemen between the tackles. This means that in order to fit the run the Titans will have to have both linebackers get to the line of scrimmage to fill the remaining interior gaps (strongside B and weakside A).

This is the look the Titans frequently showed against Baltimore:

At first glance, it may appear similar to the formation before it, but it functions in a different way altogether.

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