All-22 Review: Titans Defense vs Broncos Offense

We made it. The longest offseason in human history is over. Week 1 of the NFL is always sweet, but this was even more anticipated than usual. Just a few months earlier, the Titans made it to the AFC Championship game for the first time in nearly two decades. Key starters returned at nearly every position. The Clowney saga culminated in him signing with the Titans just a week before kickoff. And, all these things happened without us getting any glimpses at the players in training camp, or the preseason. So, yeah, the need for Titans football had built to a fever pitch. The defense didn’t disappoint.

We’ll dive into how the Titans defense performed against the Denver Broncos. In general, I think the tape showed this to be a unit fans should be very optimistic about moving forward. There was clearly offseason rust that showed up on Monday night. Some of that was likely travel and altitude related. But, a good bit of it was mostly just needing reps in live games.

All that said, the good overwhelmingly outweighed the bad here. And, specifically up front. The combination of Harold Landry, Jadeveon Clowney, and Jeffery Simmons creates a front 4 group that is easily the best the team has had in a decade. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for that crew as they hit their stride. But, enough ranting…let’s get into the good stuff.

Jadeveon Clowney

I wrote about Clowney a few days ago. I just couldn’t help myself. So, if you haven’t read that, go ahead and start there.

You don’t need All-22 to know what Clowney brought on Monday night. Anyone could see it. He wreaked havoc all night. In a league with the best, and strongest, athletes in the world, Clowney routinely throws people around and dominates blockers. This game was no different.

Again, refer to the previously written post, but Clowney was disruptive all over the field. I did think, however, that he proved overly aggressive at times. his mostly showed up in the run game where he’d lose gap integrity while trying to make a play.

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    1. He didn’t stand out much to me, which is usually a good thing for a corner. He also didn’t pop. Small sample size, but his athleticism seemed lacking. Mostly seem to do OK with assignments.

      1. Would it be fair to summarize that Fulton still has the edge in terms of his overall upside but that Jackson is simply ahead of him for now because of his football IQ & discipline with assignments?

  1. Man not gonna lie I subscribed premium to this site when I found out that’s where all the great MCM articles ended up but I have to be honest the level of depth of analysis is nowhere near what it was…and this time not only am I paying for it but there’s still ads in the middle of the article!

    Loved reading you guys stuff and didn’t hesitate to support by subscribing but it feels so mailed in 🙁

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