Bonus Episode: Titans WR Rashard Davis talks offseason award, training camp expectations

As a bonus to our regularly scheduled Friday episodes, the Music City Audible presents this interview conducted over the weekend between Justin Melo and Titans wide receiver Rashard Davis. We enjoyed this conversation with Davis quite a bit, as he allowed us to really dive deep into the topics discussed. Some of the subjects he spoke about include…

  • His mindset at this year’s unique training camp
  • What it meant for him to win one of the team’s three offseason awards as a newer addition to the team
  • His process for watching other receivers to try to improve his game
  • Working with wide receivers coach Rob Moore and their relationship
  • His favorite Titans defensive back to practice against
  • Why Kalif Raymond is the one teammate he would bring with him to war
  • Playing video games with Titans teammates
  • His experience as the No. 1 overall pick in the XFL
  • How he plans to achieve his goals over the next few weeks

Listen here:

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