Broadway Breakdown: Analyzing key plays on 4th-and-Goal

An NFL football game is often decided by a few key plays that hold particular significance throughout the contest. Broadway Breakdowns is a weekly series that will analyze one or two of these key plays, analyzing the concepts and impacts on the game at large.

For this week’s Broadway Breakdowns, we’ll look at two huge plays from Tennessee at Denver that both occurred on 4th-and-goal. On one, the Broncos came up short of the end zone. The other was a go-ahead touchdown pass from Ryan Tannehill to Jonnu Smith.

Goal Line Stand

The Titans have made a few goal line stands under Mike Vrabel. The 2018 Thursday Night Football game comes to mind, when Rashaan Evans tripped up Leonard Fournette short of the end zone one play before the 99-yard run heard round the world. Last year, a huge goal line stand sealed the win over the Chargers. Another in the playoffs helped the Titans advance beyond the Wild Card game in New England.

On Monday night, the Titans came up with another huge goal line stop. Although it came in the first half, it was vital to the team eventually earning the tough win on the road.

The Broncos have a shovel-option play with a lot of misdirection elements. Let’s see how it went down:

So what exactly went wrong for the Broncos, and what went right for the Titans? How were they able to get this stop? I brought out the whiteboard to break it down…

4th and Touchdown

Much later in the game, in the fourth quarter, the Titans put together a 15-play drive covering 82 yards and ate 7:02 of valuable clock. But, it was almost an 81-and-a-half yard drive.

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