Broadway NFL Pick ’Em: Week 18

My Nashville area readers have had to put up with snow and long Whataburger lines this week. It has been a mixed back of emotions to say the least. There was some really great news this week though, the return of the King.

Zach does not need me to but he had a wonderful video of how wrong people were about the Titans after Derrick Henry went down. 50k views is nothing to scoff at especially since it apparently only took him 5 minutes of toilet time to put together.

It remains to be seen if Henry will be active for Sunday vs the Texans but I think the group will still pick the Titans unanimously. Spoiler alert and all of that.

That is one pick for week 18, lets take a closer look at the rest of the picks this week!

Victory Laps

  • Wes, Easton and Jommy all bet on the Cardinals finding their form again and beating the Cowboys. They did and now we get to endure the endless JJ Watt rehab/savior returns videos. Oh joy.
  • “And finally, Justin M and Jommy (again) are taking the Steelers over the Browns. Good luck boys. ” Good luck indeed. The Steelers beat the Browns so bad that Baker now wants out of Cleveland. And the Browns should probably grant him his wish.


  • No regrets submitted this week. Not even Ben for attempting to drop the coldest rap album cover art in the history of snow.

Let’s take a look at how the picks this week shake out…

Thoughts on this Week

  • Andy – “Happy Whataburger day everyone!”
  • Ben – “Ehlinger will be 1-0 after sunday.” – I wanted to leave this one in this week, not because no-one submitted any blurbs (thanks guys) but because the Colts lost. F the Colts.

The unanimous decisions this week for the group:

  • The group is in agreement on the Chiefs over the Broncos, the Titans over the Texans and Tompa Bay over the Panthers.

The against-the-grain picks this week:

For my sanity, I am going to clarify what constitutes against the grain, until I change my mind. Three contributors or less picking a team will be considered against the grain, at least until I need more to fill in the gaps…

  • Justin G is taking the shit show Browns over the Bengals. Interesting pick after last weeks performance for both teams.
  • Lebowski and Jommy are both blown away by Da Bears performance in the Windy City, and are picking them to beat Cousins and the Vikings this week.
  • Bill and Chris are ignoring that the Giants gave up three weeks ago and are picking them against the Washington Washingtons.
  • Lebowski graces this list again by taking the God Damn Jets over the Bills. I mean maybe? IDK.
  • Zach and Jommy are taking the spoiler hungry Dolphins over unfortunate OROY Mac Jones and the Patriots.
  • Lebowski, Jommy (starting to feel like a broken record here) and Justin G are taking the Seahawks over the Cardinals. The same Cardinals who will no doubt be overly motivated thanks to the inspirational video of JJ Watt in slo-mo walking out of rehab. I am sure it is dropping any second now….

Find all the picks listed below (or click here to view in a new (larger) window). Please roast our contributor performances from last week in the comments, and let us know why you disagree with us this week.


Broadway ProWins
Ben Wright170
Robert Greenlaw169
Bill Ott169
Ryan Watson168
Austin Nelson164
Jonathan Boren163
Justin Melo161
Wes Wisley160
Mike Herndon159
Andy Simmons158
Justin Graver157
Jimmy Morris157
Easton Freeze156
Michael Gilliam152
Chris Ivey140
Zach Lyons139
Davey Shepherd116
Author: Ryan WatsonThe resident Old Dude who's found a way to still be involved with football after years as a college and high school football coach. An O-line truther who cut his teeth coaching wide receivers. A Titans fan since he started paying attention to football again after coaching, roughly 2008. The other half of the greatest podcast you've never heard of (the numbers were very telling) Taking It To The House Sports. Currently involved in multiple podcasts on Broadway Sports Network talking shop on Coaches Corner and trying to guide fantasy football decisions on The Flex.

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