Broadway NFL Pick’Em: Week 3

Holy injuries, Batman. This was one of the worst weekends for injuries for NFL players. Will any of these injuries sway our contributors, or will there be more blind dart-board throws this week?

Unanimous decisions for Week 3 picks include:

  • Arizona Cardinals over the Detroit Lions
  • The Tompa Bradys over the Denver Broncos
  • and the L.A. Chargers over the Carolina Panthers

Kris Martel is the lone ranger in the Jets’ corner this week. He also would like everyone to know that Adam Gase is truly an offensive genius who is just misunderstood. Johnathan Boren and the Lebowski himself are sailing with the Vikings over the Titans (thanks, guys). Mike and Austin are hoping the Giants come up big against the unhealthy 49ers. The closest we got to a coin-flip decision this week was the Eagles over the Bengals 10 picks to 8 (with Baltimore over KC and Rams over Bills both split 11-7).

Find all the other picks listed below (or click here to view in a new (larger) window). Please roast our contributor performances from last week in the comments and let us know why you disagree with us this week.

Have some fun and follow along all season with the 2020 Broadway Contributor Pick’Em!

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Here’s the current standings:

Broadway BroWinsLoses
Josh Hong257
Davey Shepherd257
Zach Lyons248
Robert Greenlaw248
Ben Wright248
Austin Nelson248
Andy Simmons239
Justin Melo2210
Kristopher Martel2210
James Esparza2210
Johnathan Boren2111
Wes Wisley2111
Bill Ott2111
Justin Graver2012
Ryan Watson2012
Jimmy Morris2012
Mike Herndon2012
Michael Gilliam1814

Bill really rebounded nicely this last week adding 15 wins to his week 1 total of 6. Davey has made everything interesting by catching up to the feared contributor known as The Josh. Michael “Lebowski” Gilliam brings up the rear slot this week just vacated by Bill.

More to come next week!

Who are you picking this week? Let us know in the comments below, or head over to the forums to leave your own Week 3 picks!

Author: Ryan WatsonThe resident Old Dude who's found a way to still be involved with football after years as a college and high school football coach. An O-line truther who cut his teeth coaching wide receivers. A Titans fan since he started paying attention to football again after coaching, roughly 2008. The other half of the greatest podcast you've never heard of (the numbers were very telling) Taking It To The House Sports. Currently involved in multiple podcasts on Broadway Sports Network talking shop on Coaches Corner and trying to guide fantasy football decisions on The Flex.

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