Coaches Corner: Beating the Bears / Halfway Positives / F the Colts

The Coaches discuss the Titans status at the sort of halfway point and what positives the team has going for them. A review of the Bears game that dives into the defensive performance vs an outmatched opponent. A discussion around new additions that include recent traded players and former inactive players stepping up. The Coaches also look ahead to the game vs the Colts on Thursday night. How will the Titans match up with the division opponent and looking for advantages in a short week? The Titans will need to keep it simple for their best chance to retake a stranglehold on the AFC South.

Topics include:

  • A look at the Titans at the half way point
  • Surprises on the offense and defense
  • The Titans have the best interior defensive linemen in the NFL (just the two)
  • Welcoming Desmond King to the Titans
  • Titans finally just making simple football plays
  • A tough but winnable matchup vs the Colts
  • Keeping it simple….stupid
  • And as always…F the Colts

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