Coaches Corner: Bungling the Bengals / Taking on the Bears

The Coaches discuss the Titans bungling the game vs the Bengals. Was the loss caused by coming out and underestimating their opponent or are the Titans the imposter? Also, what was the most frustrating part of this game and is help on the way? The coaches also discuss the recent additions and subtractions to the roster. What does the defensive back room look and how much of an improvement has been gained? Tannehill seems to be trending towards regression recently. What are the factors and worries if the Titans offense becomes truly one dimensional. All this and more on this weeks edition of The Coaches Corner!

Topics include:

  • Another slow start
  • Are the Titans imposters?
  • The disappointing pass rush
  • Cuts and new additions
  • Titans Defense vs the Bears Offense
  • Look for Titans to rally around the Vrabel mentality

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