Coaches Corner: Declawing Lions / Frozen Cheese

The Coaches discuss the win over the Lions and briefly touch on playoff scenarios. Win and they are in sure, but it is important to track seeding through what teams need to lose to clench things for the Titans. Spending time discussing the dynamic and balanced offense for the Titans, which is arguably the top offense in the NFL right now. The defense did play better in spots this week, but is it enough (shocker, our suggestion is going to be similar to what we have said all season). This weeks coaching lesson is a whooper. All this and more, this week, on the Coaches Corner!

Topics include:

  • Playoffs and why every game is important
  • The Titans have a historically great offense…in Titans history at least
  • Defense had improved play but has work to do
  • Adoree Jackson is back
  • A baffling decision by a rouge coach
  • Story time from both of your Coaches
  • Pro Bowl snubs?

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