Coaches Corner: Discussing Titans Offseason with Mike Herndon

Off schedule show this week. The Coaches sit down with Mike Herndon (@MikeMiracles) from the Football and other F words podcast (@FwordsPod). Mike gives his opinions on what the Titans lost and compares the ones that walked (or were told to leave) to the ones that were invited in. A look ahead to the rest of free agency and the draft to see where the Titans might be able to address remaining needs. Always fun to sit down with someone who knows the ins and outs of football.

Topics include:

  • Decision to jettison old players
  • Adding new contracts and faces
  • How Mike feels about the Titans this offseason
  • Other possible moves or additions through free agency and the draft
  • Discussing why Johnathan hates really tall people
  • Is unrational a word?

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