Coaches Corner: Exciting Coordinator News…Not Really

The Coaches discuss the exciting news that was the coordinator news. Just kidding. The Coaches give there takes on the underwhelming news that was the coordinator announcements. Both are familiar names to the Titans organization but how excited should fans be about the choices? Jon Robinson now needs to make a splash this offseason to get some excitement back in the offseason. The Titans coaches were also at the Senior Bowl recently. Hopefully they were able to use their extra time wisely to get a better read on prospects this year. Also, are you excited about the “big game”? Are the coaches? Tune in and find out this week on The Coaches Corner.

Topics include:

  • Whelmed by the coordinator news
  • Do the coordinator hires impact fans perception of Vrabel?
  • Consistency could be key to success, stay positive
  • The importance of the Senior Bowl for coaches and players
  • Anyone excited for the “Big Game”? Anyone?

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