Coaches Corner: Final Thoughts on Titans Draft

The Coaches discuss their final thoughts on the NFL Draft. We talk draft needs for the Titans and what fits are in the draft at positional needs. A review of positional fits as well as favorite players in the draft. What position the Titans should target or stay away from really depends on how the board falls. Also a special announcement for Broadway getting back to normalcy at the end of the podcast. All this and more on this weeks addition of the Coaches Corner.

Topics include:

  • Who would be ideal at 22
  • What position should be target in the first two rounds
  • The Titans need an offensive Tackle early in the draft
  • Depth for certain positions early and late in the draft
  • Favorite player in the draft
  • Predictions on who the first pick will be
  • An announcement about upcoming events for Broadway Sports

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