Coaches Corner: Injuries and Fumbles, Oh My

The Coaches cover the turnover fest the Titans turned in vs the Steelers. Very rare that a team can dominate the run game 200+ to 35 yards and lose but here the Titans are. Now with the South in question, the Titans turn to Thursday night to take on the visiting 49ers. How can the Titans defense attack the 49er offense? Will the Titans need to be on their best behavior in pass protection? Can they be dominate in the run again this week? They will need to to avoid Tannehill taking lumps of coal in the pocket, and maybe some fresh off of injury receivers can eat. Happy Holidays!

Topics include:

  • Giving out turnovers for Christmas
  • Oline woes….again
  • Did we mention fumbles?
  • More fumbles
  • And half a line vs the 49ers pass rush
  • Oh joy

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