Coaches Corner: Reviewing the Ravens Win / Colts Preview

The Coaches discuss a Titans overtime win when they needed it the most. 7-3 is worlds apart from 6-4. There was a surprise offensive line start and a notable absence that the coaches dive into. The Titans also did some interesting things on defense that played to their own strengths . That win is great but there is a familiar for approaching this next Sunday. The Coaches discuss if a holiday week has any effect on game planning and preparation. The Titans have an opportunity for revenge and for the division this week. Hopefully they can carry over the attitude and grind out a win on the road (hopefully leaving the special teams woes in the past).

Topics include:

  • Aaron Brewer starting at left guard
  • Jamil Douglas and the very bad snap
  • Containing Lamar Jackson
  • Offense getting back to balanced basics
  • Beast players making beast plays
  • Preparing for an opponent on a holiday week
  • What will the Titans do differently vs the Colts the 2nd time
  • As always, F the Colts

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