Coaches Corner: Reviewing the Saints Game w/ Special Guest Stoney Keeley

The Coaches sit down with Stoney Keeley of So Bros Network to discuss the Titans and life. This was a fun episode that in the words of one of the live stream viewers “Took a turn”. We did talk football but also so good Nashville info including Stoney’s Mount Rushmore of restaurants in the area. We did review the Saints game and previewed the Texans game, but check out our live stream to watch the in depth play breakdowns from the game. This was an episode that was light on the tickles but heavy on the fun.

Topics include:

  • Yoga pants for men
  • Santa Claus doing favors
  • Nashville good eats
  • Saints recap
  • Texans preview
  • The play breakdown segment
  • AND the joke of the week


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