Coaches Corner: Season Over, Sad Pod Time

The Coaches discuss the Titans playoff loss to the Ravens. The hard pill to swallow that is the performances on both sides of the ball. Offense that is normally good was bad and the defense that is normally bad was good. A frustrating turn of events for the Titans offense that seemed to capable to put up points on anyone. Also, an overall review of the season in terms of success vs failure. A look at the future of the Titans in the offseason and possible offseason topics for the Coaches Corner podcast. Bonus topic covering the National Title game for Bama vs the Buckeyes. All this and more on the show this week.

Topics include:

  • Offensive disappointment
  • Defense came to play
  • Look ahead to the offseason
  • Free agent decisions
  • Where does the pod go from here?
  • Alabama vs Ohio State

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