Darrynton Evans signs rookie contract with Titans

Yesterday, the Titans agreed to a contract with rookie running back Darrynton Evans. According to TennesseeTitans.com, the contract was a four year deal.

Today, Spotrac.com has put up the details for the contract in full. It is a 4 year, $4,561,788 deal with a signing bonus of $877,664 and an average salary of $1,140,447 a year.

Data Courtesy of Spotrac.com

The 3rd round draft pick will carry a cap hit of $829,419 in 2020. That is roughly $94K off from what Spotrac had the estimate at originally. This will, of course, affect the Titans salary cap. The salary cap will lose a meager $154,419 in cap space, due to the Top 51 rule, and the bumping off of a 675K salary.

What is the Top 51 one rule? I’ve talked about it a lot on twitter, but you can see a quick explanation here in this article about Derrick Henry’s contract, but in short, only the Top-51 cap hits count towards the working salary cap. So when a player signs a contract that puts him in the Top-51 players on the roster, a bottom guy will fall off.

Obviously, this leaves just two draft picks to sign: Isaiah Wilson and Kristian Fulton. They will carry a bigger cap hit, but Spotrac estimates that they will cost the Titans a combined $3,072,469 against the 2020 salary cap. However, they will knock off two contracts in the amount of $1,350,000, so really it could just be a $1,722,469 cap hit in 2020 for the Titans.

According to Spotrac, the Titans currently have $24,036,887. If Spotrac’s estimates remain close to true, we’d be looking at the team having roughly $22.3 million left in cap for a certain player.

What are your thoughts on the contract? What are your expectations for Darrynton Evans? Leave comments below, and let’s discuss!

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