Games to watch on a Sunday with no Titans football

Football, much like Texas, is officially back. We had the pleasure of watching the Chiefs and Texans go at it on Thursday night, and now today we get a full slate of action.

The Titans, however, do not return today. We’ll have to wait one more sleep to see Jadeveon Clowney suit up for the first time in two tone blue.

Because the Titans require so much of my attention, I actually love weeks when they don’t play Sunday at noon. It allows me to really take in the action around the league. Not playing on Sunday at all is even better.

So with that in mind, here are the games that I’ll be flipping between the most when football kicks off again later today.

12:00 p.m. Miami at New England

Cam Newton’s debut in New England is certainly worth tuning in to see. How will Bill Belichick’s team look in the post-Brady era? How will Cam be used in Josh McDaniels’ offense?

I actually think Miami will do well in this game, too. I’m looking forward to seeing how that defense matches up against Super Cam with all their new pieces.

12:00 p.m. Las Vegas at Carolina

The Raiders have a long road trip to Carolina to take on the new-look Panthers, and I’m very curious to see this team as led by Matt Rhule. The reunion of Teddy Bridgewater with offensive coordinator/wonderkid Joe Brady has me intrigued.

This could be an exciting, high scoring game, as I don’t think either team will be particularly strong on defense.

12:00 p.m. Indianapolis at Jacksonville

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the division matchup between the Colts and Jags. On the one hand, the Titans play the Jaguars in Week 2, so I’ll want to get an early jump on my scouting report. And on the other hand, I’m dying to see Philip Rivers in Indy.

A lot of media pundits are very high on the Colts after adding Rivers. Supposedly, pairing him up again with Frank Reich behind a much better offensive line will take the Colts team to the next level. I’m skeptical that Rivers isn’t completely washed, so I’ll be looking to see if the offensive line upgrade really makes that much of a difference.

3:25 p.m. Tampa Bay at New Orleans

If I’m excited to see what New England looks like without Tom Brady, you better believe I’m excited to see what Tom Brady looks like without New England.

This is a battle of all-time QB greats and while I actually think the defenses will steal the show, I’m very interested to see how it plays out.

3:25 p.m. Arizona at San Francisco

Two words: Kyler Murray. Will he be what Patrick Mahomes was in 2018, or what Lamar Jackson was in 2019? Probably not, but it’d be awfully fun if he was.

It will also be great to watch and fully appreciate DeAndre Hopkins’ talent rather than complain about push-offs the whole game.

And of course I’ll be watching Sunday Night Football between the Rams and Cowboys at the new Los Angeles stadium, hoping Mike McCarthy gets a nice start in his bid for Coach of the Year.

A couple of honorable mentions for me are the Cincinnati Bengals vs Los Angeles Chargers (gotta see the rookie Joe Burrow’s debut) and Baltimore against Cleveland. Mostly, I’m just ecstatic to have football back.

Let us know which games you’re watching today in the comments below!

Author: Justin GraverPerhaps best known as @titansfilmroom on Twitter, Justin Graver has been writing and creating content about the NFL and the Tennessee Titans for nearly a decade as a longtime staff writer (and social media manager) for the SB Nation site Music City Miracles. Although JG no longer writes for Broadway Sports, his Music City Audible podcast with co-host Justin Melo continues.

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