Hard Knocks: Los Angeles Episode 1 Recap

The 15th season of Hard Knocks debuted Tuesday night and along with it, Broadway Sports presents the debut episode of the Sunday Night Roundtable podcast: a Tuesday edition.

This weekly Sunday night podcast recapping each Titans game and general day of football will occasionally move to a different night with who knows which hosts from the Broadway roster.

With no preseason football to recap this August, Sunday Night Roundtable will be released on Tuesday nights recapping the current season of Hard Knocks on HBO, this year featuring the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers.

Once the season starts, the podcast will move to Sunday nights (Week 1’s Monday Night Football game may change things for the first week… to be determined).

This week, for the first episode of Broadway’s newest podcast, Michael Gilliam (@MisterLebowski), Ryan Watson (@RyanOnBroadway) and Justin Graver (@titansfilmroom) recap the first episode of Hard Knocks: Los Angeles. Listen below…

Author: Justin GraverPerhaps best known as @titansfilmroom on Twitter, Justin Graver has been writing and creating content about the NFL and the Tennessee Titans for nearly a decade as a longtime staff writer (and social media manager) for the SB Nation site Music City Miracles. Although JG no longer writes for Broadway Sports, his Music City Audible podcast with co-host Justin Melo continues.

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