Hard Knocks: Los Angeles Episode 2 Recap

Broadway Sports welcomes you to another thrilling low-contact episode of the Sunday Night Roundtable podcast: a Tuesday edition for this Hard Knocks: Los Angeles Episode 2 recap.

This week, for the second episode of Broadway’s temporarily Hard Knocks-themed podcast, Michael Gilliam (@MisterLebowski), Ryan Watson (@RyanOnBroadway) and Justin Graver (@titansfilmroom) recap the second episode of Hard Knocks with the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers. This week’s topics include:

  • The importance of practice and routines to keep COVID at bay
  • Favorite moments and players from this episode
  • Coaches / Player accountability important to stay healthy
  • Opinions on Jalen Ramsey
  • How the show is affected by the absence of preseason football
  • New equipment form distance wrist bands to face shields for helmets

And a whole lot more. Listen to the episode below…

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