Last Minute Gift Idea: Support the Heimerdinger Foundation by Buying a Cookbook this Holiday Season

With the world focused on celebrating Holidays with friends and family, now is a great opportunity to experience the joy of giving. Many of us has been affected by cancer in some way. When battling cancer, it is critical for proper nutrition to prepare the body to fight a serious battle against a serious disease.

“The Heimerdinger Foundation [HF], based in Nashville, Tenn., provides nutrient-dense meals to people facing cancer and nutrition education to teens and adults through hands on volunteerism and programming.” The nutrition program the HF has created is called Meals 4 Health and Healing.

Among the many generous sponsors for Meals 4 Health and Healing, including the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators, we have an opportunity to participate in helping provide “organic meals and nutrition education, free of charge, for people facing cancer.”

One way that we can help is by purchasing a Meals 4 Health and Healing Cookbook titled “NOURISHING COMMUNITY: Healing Recipes Made with Love”. To purchase your copy, visit, email or call (615) 730-5632. The cookbook makes a wonderful gift, with every purchase helping to financially support their work.

Nourishing Community tells the story of eight
nonprofits working to transform their
communities, one meal at a time. The
members of the Ceres Affiliate Partner
Network train volunteers to prepare
nourishing meals designed to meet the
health needs of community members who
are in a medical crisis. From across the US
and even in Denmark, comes a collection of
more than 100 delicious, healthy recipes
representing what our volunteers make and
deliver to our clients each week. The recipes
range from soups and salads to desserts and
entrees, including vegetarian, poultry,
seafood and beef selections. Nourishing
Community is filled with colorful photos,
nutrition information, and helpful tips.

Video of Meals 4 Health and Healing in Action

If you’d like to become more involved with this foundation, you can visit for opportunities to Volunteer, Donate or purchase more copies of the Cookbook. If you or you know someone in Davidson or Williamson County facing a cancer diagnosis and that can benefit by Receiving Meals, they provide a Client Intake at

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