PODCAST: Voice of the Titans Mike Keith joins Homerun Throwback

Mike Keith is always generous with his time and is fantastic every time he comes on the podcast. Last night was no exception. We spent the first bit talking about the Titans COVID-19 outbreak. From there we talked about a variety of topics including:

  • The evolution of Mike Vrabel as a head coach
  • How surprising it was to see the Titans perform like they did against the Bills
  • Where this team ranks amongst all of the Titans teams in the past
  • What needs to happen for the defense to turn the corner

Thanks, as always, to Mike Keith for taking the time to join the show. You can find his podcast, The Official Titans Podcast (The OTP), here.

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Author: Jimmy MorrisBorn and raised in middle Tennessee, Jimmy fell in love with the Steve McNair/Eddie George Titans when the team came to town in the late 90s. He ran Music City Miracles for more than a decade and has hosted various Titans podcasts through the years.


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