New Nashville SC salary data revealed, Aké Loba the second-highest paid player

The Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) released the updated 2021 Salary Guide today, which includes players signed after April 15, 2021. Striker Aké Loba, signed as a DP for a club-record $6.8 million, is the second-highest paid player in the squad.

PlayerPositionBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Hany MukhtarM$1,505,000.00$1,505,000.00
Aké LobaF$1,077,000.00$1,318,475.00
David AccamF$975,000.00$1,102,916.00
Walker ZimmermanD$925,000.00$981,050.00
Jhonder CádizF$902,500.00$966,400.00
Miguel NazaritD$700,000.00$894,375.00
Anibal GodoyM$700,000.00$771,667.00
Dax McCartyM$725,000.00$725,000.00
Randall LealM$420,000.00$477,750.00
CJ SapongF$400,000.00$427,778.00
Dan LovitzD$385,000.00$415,556.00
Rodrigo PiñeiroM$250,000.00$347,500.00
Joe WillisG$300,000.00$316,250.00
Dominique BadjiF$300,000.00$306,250.00
Alex MuylM$240,000.00$246,563.00
Abu DanladiF$180,000.00$237,000.00
Dave RomneyD$225,000.00$225,000.00
Jalil AnibabaD$200,000.00$200,000.00
Daniel RíosF$140,000.00$161,500.00
Jack MaherD$115,000.00$149,000.00
Eric MillerD$147,000.00$147,000.00
Dylan NealisD$100,000.00$125,000.00
Taylor WashingtonD$89,513.00$89,513.00
Bryan MeredithG$81,375.00$87,375.00
Matt LaGrassaM$85,444.00$85,444.00
Handwalla BwanaM$85,444.00$85,444.00
Elliot PaniccoG$81,375.00$81,375.00
Brian AnungaM$81,375.00$81,375.00
Alistair JohnstonD$73,079.00$73,079.00
Luke HaakensonM$66,724.00$66,724.00
Nick HindsD$63,547.00$63,547.00
Robert CastellanosD$63,547.00$63,547.00
Irakoze DonasiyanoM-D$63,547.00$63,547.00
Tom JudgeD$63,547.00$63,547.00
Tor SaundersG$63,547.00$63,547.00

Loba, who has played just 285 minutes since signing in early July, is the second highest paid player per minutes played at $4,626. He’s well behind Rodrigo Piñeiro, who’s 16 minutes played net him a whopping $21,719 per minute this season.

Gary Smith discussed Loba’s lack of playing time on the latest Club & Country podcast, saying that Loba’s skill set is more similar to Hany Mukhtar than the other strikers in the squad, and Mukhtar’s MVP-caliber form has made it hard for Smith to give Loba minutes at his expense.

Loba’s compensation is the second most behind mid-season signings, behind only Atlanta United’s Luiz Araújo, who was signed for nearly $12 million, the sixth-largest transfer fee in league history.

You can browse the full salary data here.


  1. Ake Loba isn’t playing because his game is too similar to HMs? There are what – 7 guys in front of the backline, and we’re to believe Gary Smith can’t figure out how to have an attack that includes his 2 most creative players in that 7 at the same time? I’m not sure I’m buying that….. and who was it that got the assist on Hany’s goal last night?

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