NFL MVP Rich Gannon dissects Ryan Tannehill’s career turnaround

By John Glennon

He'd been a good quarterback for years, but never really special, certainly not one of the NFL's best.

Then came the change of scenery, the one that seemed to offer a brand new start.

Still, who would have thought he'd elevate his game to such a degree after his 30th birthday, long after most NFL quarterbacks have either blossomed or been shoved into permanent back-up roles? Who would have thought all the honors and accomplishments were still to come?

We're talking about current CBS Sports analyst Rich Gannon, who'll be in Nashville on Sunday to provide commentary on the unbeaten Titans' game against Houston.

But if that background sounds familiar, it should.

The Titans' Ryan Tannehill has followed a similar path, as he posted some productive seasons during seven years in Miami, but never achieved greatness, nor led his team there. It all changed for Tannehill, however, once he was traded to Tennessee and took over the starter's role seven weeks into the 2019 season. Since then, Tannehill has guided the Titans to an 11-3 regular-season record as a starter, led the team within one win of the Super Bowl, posted a 115.3 quarterback rating and earned his first trip to the Pro Bowl.

How could things change so greatly for Tannehill, who went 42-46 as a starter in Miami . . .

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