No Flags Film: Julio Jones vs Expectations

“Julio Jones is Still Good at Football”, that is the title of the recent video breakdown released by James Foster from his No Flags Film account. That was also one of the conclusions drawn from this video. Two other conclusions were that trading for Julio was a good decision and Julio has been a failure so far. Both of these points can be and are true.

James makes a great point during the video about judging a GM based on competent decisions when they were made, not always the result. That brings us to his last point, there is no way to confirm what to expect from Julio during the playoff run.

What is clear is that Julie still has some juice left in the tank. Check out the video below to dive into the nearly 20 minute breakdown. Quality work that takes a deep look at the Titans passing attack and how Julio has operated in it so far, enjoy.

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