Open Thread: Titans 53-Man Roster Updates w/ Analysis

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It’s officially the day that all the roster moves go insane as the Titans trim their roster down to 53 players. A few things to keep in mind:

  • The true 53 man roster is mainly settled around week one. Players that make the back end of a roster later today, aren’t safe.
  • There is a difference between a player being “released”, and a player being “cut/waived”.
    • “Released” is typically used for players with four or more accrued seasons. These “vested veterans” are not subject to the waiver claim process.
      • Accrued seasons, are individual seasons where the player is active for at least 6 regular season games.
    • “Cut/waived” is for players that have three or less accrued seasons. They are subject to going through waivers.
  • If a player is claimed via waivers after cuts today, they have to be signed to the 53-man roster.
    • Once players clear waivers they can be signed to the practice squad.
  • Any player placed on IR before the 3pm CST deadline, is out for the rest of the season.
    • So most teams will have an injured player make the “final” roster, then place them on IR.

There were five Titans players cut that were Announced on Tuesday. None of those were officially filed with the league and are technically still on the team. Any players announced today are still on their original team until the deadline is made official.

This is important to remember because certain players are announced as cuts to try and drum up some trade interest before they are cut. Why would you trade for a player about to be cut? Because you guarantee yourself that your team gets the player you want. A team on the waiver wire may not fall to you, and a player that gets released is free to negotiate with any team.

Monday Roster News

  • Brett Kern, P
  • Tyree Gillespie, S, (Titans get their conditional 7th Round Pick back)
  • Hayden Howerton, OL
  • Willie Wright, OL
  • Adrian Colbert, S

For analysis on these picks you can watch or listen to yesterday’s “A Football Show” brought to you by 440 Sports. A great way to pass the time today as the news slowly trickles out from the Titans’ Chamber of Secrets.

Tuesday Roster News

Tre Swilling, DB, Cut

Terry McCormick had it here first. He is a guy that I had missing out on the final 53. He came to the Titans as an undrafted free agent from Georgia Tech. He had some good moments in training camp, but couldn’t string together some consistent performances within a crowded position group.

Preseason Stats: 3 catches on 7 targets, 41 yards, 1 PBU
Practice Squad Chance: Highly Likely

Larrell Murchison, DL, Cut

Terry McCormick again is first on Twitter with the news. When drafted in 2020, Big much drew comparisons to Burrell Casey. Same size and physical attributes, but unfortunately those traits never manifested themselves to on field success.

He was giving tons of opportunities to move up the depth chart and seize a role on this defense, but he couldn’t keep two undrafted free agents, NaQuan jones and Teair Tart, at bay. This offseason the Titans went out and sign DeMarcus Walker, Da’Shawn Hand, and brought in Jayden Peevy. They all showed something more than Murchison, even if they won’t all make it either.

Regular Season Stats: 336 defensive snaps, 3 total pressures, 4 stops
Preseason Stats for 2022: 73 defensive snaps, 1 total Pressure, 2 stops
Practice Squad Chance: 50/50

Joe Jones, LB, Cut

A standout in the preseason, Joe Jones has been cut according to Terry McCormick, who is first again. Whenever he was asked about Joe Jones, Mike Vrabel’s eyes lit up, so this may come as a minor surprise cut to some.

Joe Jones made some plays this preseason, and played special teams a lot too. One of the biggest attributes Vrabel liked best, was that he was always available. I didn’t have Joe Jones making my final 53-man roster, but he was one of the guys I went back and forth on a lot.

He had an interception, and he saved a would be touchdown from happening. Jones is subject to the waiver wire.

Preseason Stats: 113 defensive snaps, 11 tackles, 5 stops, 1 INT
Chance of Practice Squad: 100% if he goes unclaimed

Mason Kinsey, WR, Cut

Justin Melo reports first that, champion of the suburban dads, Mason Kinsey did not make the final roster. This was a totally expected development by at least 98% of the fan base. Nothing against Mason Kinsey, but his fans are horrendously annoying.

Kinsey had a lackluster preseason compared to his 2021 preseason year. He never could translate what he did in practice into on field success. He may be a hard worker and nice guy, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it in the NFL.

Preseason Stats: 5 catches on 11 targets, for 48 yards. 81 receiving snaps.Caused 2 interceptions, and had 2 drops.
Chance of Practice Squad: Highly likely, but hope not

Dez Fitzpatrick, WR, Cut

Justin Melo is first on this one, as the Titans, yet again, cut Dez Fitzpatrick. The much maligned former fourth round pick, who I do not owe an apology to, was trending sort of in a good way, but every time he took two steps forward he took 3 steps back.

The Final nail in the coffin came on the preseason finale when he dropped two balls. I didn’t have Fitzpatrick making my final 53, but I did think if they were to keep six wide receivers he would’ve easily been the sixth guy kept.

Preseason Stats: 5 catches on 10 targets, 62 yards, 52 receiving snaps, 2 drops
2021 Regular Season Stats: 5 catches on 8 targets, 49 yds, 1 TD, 59 receiving snaps, 2 reasons for interceptions.
Chances at Practice Squad: 90/10, he makes it

Reggie Roberson, WR, Cut

Terry McCormick is first on the scene, with the news that undrafted free agent Reggie Roberson will not make the final cuts. A personal favorite of mine, Roberson had an injury plagued end to his college career, but had all the natural abilities to be a deep threat for team.

Most people had him as a draft able wide receiver, so I was excited to see what he could do when he signed here as a UDFA. About once a week he made some kind of play in camp, but could never be consistent.

As for during the games, Roberson only played in the last two. His best game came versus Tampa Bay, where he caught 4 catches on 5 targets for 47 yards on just 14 receiving snaps. His main contribution was a special teams player, so that is why he did not make the cut.

Preseason Stats: See above
Chances of Practice Squad: 100% if he’s unclaimed.

Chris Jackson, CB, Cut

In a somewhat surprise move, the Titans have cut Chris Jackson, according to Terry McCormick. This one is somewhat of shocker to me, because he is versatile and has played relatively well since being drafted in the 7th round.

He definitely has his moments of awfulness, but as a 6th cornerback you could do worse. However, lack of availability this preseason opened the door for other players, specifically Tre Avery who made the roster in a surprise moment, to push him in practice, and his lack of production on the field and in team drills also hurt.

Teams use the waiver wire at this time of year to seek out OL and CB depth. I don’t think Chris Jackson makes it back to the Titans practice squad.

Chances of Practice Squad: 100%, but I think he gets claimed.

Sam Okuayinonu, DL, Cut

I kind of lost track who got this first, but at 2:57p both Justin Melo and Terry McCormick tweeted this cut. This isn’t much of a surprise as Okuayinonu did just enough to stick around and be a camp body mostly.

Can he make the practice squad? Maybe it depends on how many DL they want to keep out of the 16, because Peevy will probably have the priority.

Preseason Stats: 69 defensive snaps, 3 pressures, 6 tackles (all in one game, but all for defensive stops)
Chances of Practice Squad: Low

Jayden Peevy, DT, Cut

Another personal favorite of mine has been cut, according to Terry McCormick. I love the wingspan and general monstrous physique of Peevy, and I think he is a lock to make the practice squad.

He’s a space eater, and is raw, but has major upside. Think a bigger Teair Tart. The Titans are known for developing these raw defensive linemen fairly quickly. Peevy Should be no exception. His wingspan also makes him the ideal candidate to bat down passes at the line of scrimmage, like the Titans teach their lineman to do.

Preseason Stats: 85 total defensive snaps, 2 batted passes, 1 defensive stop, 2 pressures
Chance of making the Practice Squad: 100%

David Wells, TE, Cut

Reported first by Terry McCormick, David Wells has been cut by the Tennessee Titans. Not going to lie, up until after week two I had no clue him and the next guy were on the team. Total non-factors during the games.

Preseason Stats: 1 catch, 1 target, 7 yards
Chances of Practice Squad: Unlikely with Firkser and Pruitt lurking

Thomas Odukoya, TE, Cut

Reported first by Justin Melo, Thomas Odukoya has been cut by the Tennessee Titans. Not going to lie, up until after week two I had no clue him and the previous guy were on the team. Total non-factors during the games.

Preseason Stats: 1 catch, 2 targets, 5 yards
Chances of Practice Squad: Unlikely with Firkser and Pruitt lurking

David Anenih, OLB, Cut

As Justin Melo reported first, David Anenih has been cut. He had a captivating preseason, but in the end he lost out on a spot through no fault of his own. With various defensive lineman and linebackers being able to play multiple positions, it was inevitable that Anenih wouldn’t be necessary to have on the final roster.

I liked everything Anenih showed in the offseason, and even though I didn’t have him on my final 53, I do think he is 100% a lock on the practice squad, and there is a very good chance he clears waivers.

Preseason Stats: 116 defensive snaps, 6 pressures, 6 defensive stops, 2 batted passes
Chances of Practice Squad: 100%, if he clears waivers

Jack Gibbens, LB, Cut

Jack “Dr. Gibbey” Gibbens has not made the final 53 according to Justin Melo. Despite the affection showed by Vrabel towards Gibbens, he was always a long shot to make the roster. Gibbens, due to playing time, amassed a very good stat line. I think he will be a lock for the practice squad with Joe Jones.

Preseason Stats: 133 defensive snaps, 1 pressure, 12 tackles, 8 defensive stops
Chance of Practice Squad: 100%, lock it in

Jordan Roos, OL, Cut

Justin Melo is first with the news the Titans are cutting OL Jordan Roos. This would’ve been more of a surprise cut if the Titans hadn’t traded for Dennis Daley, an OL formerly of the Panthers. The trade signified that Roos wasn’t going to make the final 53.

Roos started off looking really great in his first preseason action, but got progressively worse as the season went on. I actually had him on the 53 before the trade, but said he may flip with the next guy on the list. I think he is a safe bet for the practice squad.

Preseason Stats: 58 pass blocking snaps, 5 total pressures allowed, 52.3 pass blocking grade, 48.3 run blocking grade
Chances of Practice Squad: Pretty, pretty, pretty good

Xavier Newman-Johnson, OL, Cut

Xavier Newman-Johnson has been cut by the Titans, according to Terry McCormick. XNJ was pretty good all through the preseason games. In fact across the league he was one of the better guards to have played in the NFL. I think they key reason he didn’t make it to the final 53, outside of the trade, would be his run blocking.

While I am not entirely shocked, I was rooting for him to make it. I do think he is an automatic lock if he clears waivers.Teams with injuries along the OL like the Bucs and Cardinals, saw XNJ up close, so he may not make it through.

Preseason Stats: 64 pass blocking snaps, 2 total pressures allowed, 79.9 pass blocking grade, 59.1 run blocking grade
Chances of Practice Squad: 100% if he clears waivers.

Theo Jackson, S, Cut

I am shocked that Theo Jackson was cut today, first reported by Justin Melo. Jackson has been one of the guys that was talked about in high regard by not only the staff, but the veterans in the locker room.

The sixth round pick did suffer a concussion that sidelined him for a good bit of training camp, and maybe those effects are still lingering, and they are looking to put him on the practice squad to open up a spot for other players that are a full go.

Jackson had a mixed bag on the field for preseason. He played really well his first game, and you saw exactly what the team has been talking about. Then in the game versus Arizona, and maybe he wasn’t fully ready, he was way in over his head.

Preseason Stats: 91 defensive snaps, 10 tackles, 2 defensive stops, 4 catches on 4 targets, 40 yds, 1 TD
Chances for Practice Squad: 100%

Christian DiLauro, OL, Cut

First with this one is Justin Melo. I don’t have too much to say other than all those 4th quarters that the offensive line was horrendous? DiLauro was on the field. I had him off the 53, and I do not think they bring him back for the practice squad over other offensive linemen.

Preseason Stats: 54 pass blocking snaps, 58 pass blocking grade, 4 pressures allowed.
Chances of Making Practice Squad: 10%, and that’s being generous

The Following Players were all announced first by Jim Wyatt at

Logan Woodside, QB, Cut

Well, the Woodside Era is officially…mostly…over. He fought his worst fight this offseason and while Malik Willis showed improvement every week, Woodside just stayed being Woodside. Willis snatched the job forcefully in the final week of the preseason, and from there it was all but a done deal.

Woodside, if he is not claimed, will be put on the practice squad, as insurance for if Tannehill or Willis goes down with injury there is a back up who knows the system that can step up. If he’s not claimed, well its not the end of the world.

Preseason Stats: 26 for 44, 201 yds, 3 INTs, 0 TDs
Chances of Practice Squad: 100% if he isn’t claimed.

Trenton Cannon, RB, Cut

Cannon was signed in the offseason to be a return specialist, even though he was not special at it. I have been against this signing since day one, and I am thankful that the Titans have chosen to go a different and better direction with kick returns.

Cannon was just a guy, and he could separate himself from the other returners or the ground.

Preseason Stats: 4 carries, 7 yards
Chance at Practice Squad: 10% at best

Cody Hollister, WR, Cut

Cody Hollister has been a guy that has been able to fill in when necessary but he never required a spot on the final 53. He was missing in action a lot, and while he can run block and run the right routes, he’s essentially a diet version of Nick Westbrook-Ikihne. I do think he makes his way back onto the practice squad more than likely.

Preseason Stats: 2 catches on 5 targets, for 20 yards.
Chances at Practice Squad: 20%

Greg Mabin, DB, Cut

With Chris Jackson cut, and Tre Avery getting a spot on the roster, it made it seem that Mabin was still on the outside looking in. I joke about Mabin a lot, because he did give everyone COVID-19 shortly after his arrival to the practice squad a few years ago. #MABIN19

However, last year, he proved himself to be a suitable replacement when injuries overtook the organization. However, he seems to top out at one or two games, before falling back to the appropriate level of play.

Preseason Stats: 104 defensive snaps, 5 tackles, 5 of 6 for 142 yards allowed
Practice Squad: I’d bet some money on it, but he has been picked up before by other teams

Andrew Rupcich, OL, Cut

Short and sweet analysis: Rupcich somewhat improved in pass protection as the preseason went on, his run blocking go progressively worse bordering on disastrous. I don’t think he makes the practice squad.

Preseason Stats: 38.3 run blocking grade, 51 passing snaps, 2 pressures allowed, 63 pass blocking grade
Chances at Practice Squad: 10%

Jalen McKenzie, OL, Cut

Short and sweet: Terrible run blocker, and his pass blocking dropped off quickly with each game. A lot of media folks liked what they saw out of mcKenzie in practice, but whatever they say was not translating to the field. I think he may make the practice squad because he is a tackle, but God help us if he ever sees the field.

Preseason Stats: 27 run blocking grade, 80 pass blocking snaps, 7 pressures allowed, 53.7 pass blocking grade
Chances at Practice Squad: 15%

Tommy Hudson, TE, Waived Injured

I am surprised that he was cut, but not that he’s injured. That seems to be the trend with Hudson, unfortunately. If I had known he was injured following the preseason finale, I would not have had him on my final 53.

The Titans will obviously be needing a TE sooner rather than later to fill that void.

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