Over or under? Making the call on Titans’ team and individual projections

By John Glennon

Even in some of their best seasons around the turn of the century, the Titans were not often considered a high-powered offensive unit.

They've long carried the reputation of being a defensive-minded, low-scoring team based more on a ground game than a passing attack.

So even as Tennessee morphed into one of the NFL's highest-scoring teams over the last 10 weeks of 2019 – averaging more than 30 points per game during that stretch – much of the nation still perceived the Titans as little more than Derrick Henry carrying the team on his back.

Maybe that's why some of the Vegas prop lines on the 2020 Titans – team and individual over/unders – seemed a little on the cautious side. That was my take, anyway, as I perused through the Bovada website, looking at what info the bookmakers are dangling in front of prospective bettors.

Here's where I'd put my money down – if, of course – I were a betting man:

Over/under on Titans' wins: 8.5

My pick: Over

Why: I probably feel more confident making this pick than I do any of the individual prop bets. I understand why the line was set at 8.5, as the Titans have produced four straight seasons of 9-7 records. So why should 2020 be any different . . .

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