PODCAST: Damar Hamlin, The Week 18 Schedule Is Absurd, And So Is Bailing On Malik Willis

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On today’s episode, host Easton Freeze dives into:

  • Damar Hamlin: Producer JT shares his unique perspective having witnessed the scary and unprecedented night live in the stadium
  • The NFL and TV exec’s were too blinded by big brands to see the ridiculous error in their scheduling ways
  • Why Saturday night is the biggest regular season game in Jaguars franchise history
  • Why bailing on Malik Willis now is a reflection of your own unrealistic expectations for him in the first place
  • The thing about Malik Willis that should ACTUALLY worry you
  • Titans News with producer JT

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Author: Easton Freezeis a Nashville native who loves covering the NFL. He is the host of The Hot Read Podcast, and when he isn't watching or covering sports, he's spending time with friends and family.

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