PODCAST: Draft Profile Pod – Racey McMath/Brady Breeze

Zach Lyons and Mike Herndon sit down and discuss both of the Tennessee Titans 6th round picks, Racey McMath and Brady Breeze Round

• First reaction when the names popped on the screen?
• Are the Titans valuing his special teams ability too much?
• Racey’s failures to make an impact.
• Does it make sense for this team to carry 7 WRs?
• Dane Cruikshank essentially should’ve been this pick back in the 2018 draft, correct?
• Brady: not a great tackler, but he is at least willing, in a shortened offseason can that be corrected?
• Will he stick on the roster with Jackson, Molden, Amani, and Dane all vying for those DB spots?
• Why waste 2 – 6th round picks on purely special team talents when there were very, very good players available for example players like: Trey Smith, Cade Johnson
Over/under 2.5 games active

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