PODCAST: The Biggest Offseason Questions For The Titans

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On today’s special live-taped episode, host Easton Freeze dives into:

  • What the Titans QB situation in 2023 *SHOULD* be (2:50)
  • What the Titans QB situation in 2023 *WILL* be (8:44)
  • If the Titans draft a QB, who should it be? (10:33)
  • Will the Titans be picking this high again? (17:10)
  • Easiest Titans to cut to save cap space (19:57)
  • Reviewing the Titans 2023 opponents (27:17)
  • Who are the “8:00-4:00” guys on this Titans roster? (29:51)
  • The case to keep Todd Downing, and why the case against him should still cost him his job (30:56)
  • Who the Titans should draft in the 1st round if they don’t take a QB (35:02)
  • The Titans starting receivers in 2023 should be _______? (36:22)
  • The Titans starting cornerbacks in 2023 should be _______? (40:59)
  • Should the Titans bring Austin Hooper back? (44:00)
  • Should the Titans bring David Long Jr. back? (49:08)
  • Who will be the Titans’ kicker in 2023? (51:27)
  • Should the Titans fire Craig Aukerman? (56:14)
  • What’s going to happen to Malik Willis? (58:47)
  • Reacting to the Texans firing Lovie Smith (1:01:42)
  • What’s going to happen to Caleb Farley? (1:03:17)
  • Easton gives his thoughts on how the Titans season ended the same way it began (1:05:30)
  • Josh Dobbs’ “fumble” wasn’t a fumble, and the “review” was a pathetic farce (1:06:39)
  • Which other head coaches will be fired? (1:09:36)
  • Shaming the NFL (again) for their ridiculous Week 18 scheduling (1:14:34)
  • The 1 thing every team except the Titans managed to do this year (1:17:28)
  • Does Mike Vrabel have any interest in developing a young QB in the first place? (1:20:12)
  • Reviewing the final 2022 NFL Playoff standings and Wildcard matchups (1:25:43)
  • Easton is officially dubbed the winner of the 2022 Best Bet Gauntlet (1:32:28)

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Author: Easton Freezeis a Nashville native who loves covering the NFL. He is the host of The Hot Read Podcast, and when he isn't watching or covering sports, he's spending time with friends and family.

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