PODCAST: Titans “At A Crossroad” On Two-Game Skid, Winners and Losers

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On today’s episode, host Easton Freeze dives into:

  • The single factor of the Titans game currently that will spell doom for them regardless of how well the rest of the team performs… (6:05)
  • The unique position Tennessee finds themselves in in the AFC South, and how they’d be foolish not to use it to their advantage (14:05)
  • How health continues to plague this team and the key players they desperately need available (22:21)
  • Titans News with producer JT (29:50)
  • A.J. Brown’s big day and how it should serve as a painful wakeup call for Jon Robinson and the front office (40:50)
  • Why the Titans’ top-heavy roster construction is absolutely ruining them right now (43:45)
  • The only standout player from this performance who continues to be under-utilized (47:40)

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Author: Easton Freezeis a Nashville native who loves covering the NFL. He is the host of The Hot Read Podcast, and when he isn't watching or covering sports, he's spending time with friends and family.

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