PODCAST: Titans Draft Debrief: Fake Questions, Real Answers

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On today’s episode, host Easton Freeze and producer JT ask the 10 most burning questions they sent in to their own mailbag, and give you the real answers you’re looking for on why the Titans drafted the way that they did and the direction of this team:

  • Easton & JT reflect on the weekend, taking some victory laps and doing some self-scouting as well (5:13)
  • QUESTION 1- “Now that the draft is over, what is your 10,000ft view on how the Titans did?” (13:15)
  • QUESTION 2- “This is the biggest question I see Titans fans asking now that the draft is over: what exactly IS the vision for this team going forward?” (25:41)
  • QUESTION 3- “I really like Peter Skoronski on this offensive line, but they took him at 11th overall… isn’t he gonna be a guard in the NFL?” (30:10)
  • QUESTION 4- “Why are the Titans SO focused on offensive linemen? Do they not care about receivers?! HELLO!” (37:31)
  • QUESTION 5- “If the Titans believe Will Levis can be the future, why did they draft him in the 2nd round and lack the conviction to take him in the 1st?” (55:25)
  • QUESTION 6- “What SHOULD the Titans do at quarterback this season? What WILL they do?” (1:13:49)
  • QUESTION 7- “Why would this team draft a running back of all positions, and why did they go with one who is MISSING AN ACL?!” (1:20:56)
  • QUESTION 8- “Josh Whyle is a player you guys rarely talked about in the pre-draft process, and when you did you called him a bad fit for this team! Was this a bad pick?!” (1:31:28)
  • QUESTION 9- “Why take a tackle in the 6th round? What is there to like about Jaelyn Duncan as a potential impact player?” (1:38:34)
  • QUESTION 10- “The Titans took WR Colton Dowell in the 7th round… WHO?!” (1:46:15)
  • Easton & JT answer real questions submitted by their live viewers! (1:49:56)

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Author: Easton Freezeis a Nashville native who loves covering the NFL. He is the host of The Hot Read Podcast, and when he isn't watching or covering sports, he's spending time with friends and family.

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