PODCAST: Titans take a stand

For this episode of The Music City Audible, in light of recent events in the sporting world, Justin and Justin talk through issues of social injustice, how professional athletes around the world are using their platform, and more specifically a discussion about why the Titans players decided not to hold practice Thursday, covering:

  • Kevin Byard and Ryan Tannehill’s statement
  • Mike Vrabel’s comments
  • Action items the Titans plan to take in the coming weeks and months
  • The importance of listening to each other and having uncomfortable conversations
  • Why we’re so proud of this Titans team – players, coaches and staff (and ownership) included

We then got into some Titans topics, reacting to the team’s recent moves, adding back former Titans Will Compton (THE BOYYYY) and Jeremy McNichols.

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Author: Justin GraverPerhaps best known as @titansfilmroom on Twitter, Justin Graver has been writing and creating content about the NFL and the Tennessee Titans for nearly a decade as a longtime staff writer (and social media manager) for the SB Nation site Music City Miracles. Although JG no longer writes for Broadway Sports, his Music City Audible podcast with co-host Justin Melo continues.


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