Ranking all 29 new MLS kits

MLS Jersey Week is always one of the best weeks of the season, when all 29 teams roll out new kits for the upcoming season. With new releases often dividing opinion, I took it on myself to rank each new kit that will be worn in 2024.

Before we get started, just a note that this is my subjective opinion. You can disagree with it, and feel free to tell me that you do. I welcome your disagreement. Just know that fundamentally you cannot argue that my subjective preferences are objectively incorrect.

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29. Toronto FC “GTA Kit”

It’s just really boring. Using the secondary logo is a cool touch, but there’s nothing special about this.

28. FC Cincinnati “The Canvas Kit”

The trim is cool, but it’s another plain white kit from Cincinnati.

Calling it “the canvas kit” and pitching it as an opportunity for fans to paint a jersey they just spent $200 on is a stretch and feels like a last-minute attempt to spin a generally bland design.

27. St. Louis City “The Confluence Kit”

There’s at least a little more going on here than Toronto, and the thumbprint feature is kind of cool. Maybe it will look better on the pitch, but it just feels incomplete.

26. FC Dallas “The Afterburner Kit”

This is certainly a big swing. I’m here for the effort, but it’s weird to see Dallas move away from their classic all-red look to what is essentially an all-blue home shirt. There are already enough blue teams in MLS. If they had gone the inverse route here, it would kill.

25. Inter Miami “2getherness Kit”

Miami followed up one of the more iconic kits in recent MLS memory with this. The centered adidas, club and sponsor logos makes it look odd, and the rest of it is so plain that it almost looks like a training shirt. Their color scheme is unique enough that it will look great on the field, but in such a pivotal time for the club on the field, it would have been nice to see their jersey rise to the occasion.

24. Minnesota United “Starry Night Kit”

I thought I liked this initially, and I’m all for teams taking risks. A friend described this as an airbrush kit, and I haven’t been able to shake it. I think this will look better on the pitch, and maybe it will grow on me. I’m definitely in the minority and I accept that.

23. Sporting Kansas City “Diamonds Our Forever Kit”

This isn’t a bad release from SKC, and I think it will look fine on the field. It’s just a concept that they’ve already tried before, and honestly one that their past releases have done better.

22. LAFC “Primary Kit”

Like its name, this kit is simple and straight to the point. The pinstripes are a cool touch, and the return to an off-center crest is a big win. I wonder what it will look like on the field, but LAFC’s colors are already iconic. It’s a safe choice.

21. New England Revolution “Boston Tea Party Kit”

The design is solid, if nothing spectacular. It will look good on the pitch and won’t look dated any time soon. I just wish they’d done more with the Boston Tea Party concept. It’s such a unique and city-specific piece of history, and I can’t help feeling like they designed a kit and tried to fit it into their explainer rather than the other way around.

20. San Jose Earthquakes “The 50 Kit”

I’m all for throwbacks and love the use of the retro crest. But the sponsor logo is so oddly shaped and fitted that it takes all the attention off the Quakes’ homage to their NASL club, and it’s hard for me to look past that.

19. New York Red Bulls “Legacy Kit”

I’m not sure I personally love the zigzag design, but you can’t call for MLS teams to take risks with their kits and then be made when they do. They tried something different. It mostly works. I think that’s cool.

18. LA Galaxy “Angeleno Kit”

I didn’t love this initially, but it’s a cool new take on the Galaxy’s sash design, a throwback to one of the best kits in MLS history and one of the best teams to take the field.

17. Columbus Crew “The Home Kit”

Yeah, it does look like Charlie Brown. But the Crew have been consistent with angular or square designs for a while, and it’s not a big departure. They took a chance on something different, and this one is slowly moving up the list for me. And again, it looks so much better in person.

16. Chicago Fire “Return To Red Kit”

This kit certainly isn’t a new idea, but it’s a return to one of the best looks in MLS. I have no idea why the Fire have made the branding and kit choices they have over the past few years, especially shifting away from an all-red kit. Returning to red, coupled with their re-redesigned crest, makes for a great look.

15. CF Montréal “La Main Kit”

I didn’t love this at first, but it’s actually blue, and not the plain white that it looked like in the initial shots.

Add in some blue shorts, and I think there may be something here.

14. Nashville SC “The 615 Kit”

Admittedly this is the only of the kits I’ve seen in person yet. While the jersey design isn’t groundbreaking, it’s classic and shifts to a more vibrant shade of blue than the purple-ish blue Nashville have used in the past. Switching to blue shorts, though, makes the kit.

Hiring a local artist to design 35 different neighborhood patches is a really cool touch, and it’s the type of nod to community more teams need to make.

13. Charlotte FC “The Carolina Kit”

This is a really cool concept, and I like a lot about it. To me, going with white shorts is a big miss, as it breaks up the gradual progression from white to blue.

I still like it, but I think blue shorts would have elevated it to another level.

12. Real Salt Lake “Peak Utah Kit”

Big swing. Cool results. I’m a fan.

11. Philadelphia Union “The XV Kit”

The Union don’t usually miss with their kits, and the latest is no exception. It’s instantly recognizable as a Union jersey, and the diamond pattern on the front keeps it fresh. With their fantastic secondary jersey from last year, they may have the best home-away kit combo in MLS.

10. Orlando City “Legacy Kit”

Honoring the old USL crest automatically bumped this up several tiers for me, but it’s a really simple and classic look. My only gripe is that the sleeve cuffs don’t quite match the collar, which would have made this one almost perfect. It’s hard not to like this look from the Lions.

9. Vancouver Whitecaps “The 50 Jersey”

Another throwback, the alternate crest and monochromatic gold and blue look just oozes classiness.

Understated but very, very good.

8. Atlanta United “The Resurgens Kit”

This is a totally different look for Atlanta, and they killed it. The color scheme is really nice, but the sublimated phoenix graphic takes it to another level. It’s another one that will look even better on the pitch.

7. Austin FC “The Armadillo Kit”

I was admittedly underwhelmed with this at first. Then I saw pictures of it on the field, and I completely changed my opinion.

Really, really solid. Also using the alternate crest is a great touch.

6. Colorado Rapids “One Flag Kit”

The Rapids have one of the more unique color schemes in MLS. Their new kit changes the look up without abandoning their identity.

5. D.C. United “The Icon Kit”

Classic. DC United didn’t reinvent the wheel here, they just made a great jersey.

4. Houston Dynamo “Still Holdin’ Jersey”

Did Houston just make a better Orlando City jersey than anything Orlando has done yet? Maybe.

It’s out of left field, but it works. I think this will look even better on the field. Love it.

3. Portland Timbers “Nature Unites Us Kit”

This is such a cool, unique and different approach. Portland have had one of the best visual brands in MLS for a long time, and their latest entry hits it out of the park.

2. NYCFC “24/7 Kit”

Admittedly, I’m a sucker for all-black kits, but the blue and orange accents take this one to a whole new level. It’s a fantastic look.

1. Seattle Sounders “The Anniversary Kit”

I’m pretty comfortable calling this one of the best jersey in MLS history already. The Sounders completely nailed their rebrand, and their new kit celebrating 50 years as a club is already iconic.

The Sounders are one of the few MLS teams with a truly extensive history, and it’s awesome to see them leaning into and honoring their pre-MLS roots. They nailed this look, and I think it will go down as an MLS classic. 10/10.

What are your favorite MLS kits this year? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter, and check out all the jerseys on sale here.

Author: Ben Wrightis the Director of Soccer Content and a Senior MLS Contributor for Broadway Sports covering Nashville SC and the US National Team. Previously Ben was the editor and a founder of Speedway Soccer, where he has covered Nashville SC and their time in USL before journeying to Major League Soccer since 2018. Raised in Louisville, KY Ben grew up playing before a knee injury ended his competitive career. When he is not talking soccer he is probably producing music, drinking coffee or hanging out with his wife and kids. Mastodon


  1. I’m a Houston Dynamo fan and I HATE the purple kits. They are an homage to 90’s hip hop drug scene here who abused cough syrup, known as “purple drank”. I’m very disgusted by this, and no one with the club will respond to my reservations about it. I’ve been a fan since 2006 when they moved here, but I’m not going to a game again until they apologize for pushing a drug scene here.

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