Reply To: Fantasy Football

Addison Duma-Kenny

    Good day all. It is I, your future fantasy champion. I believe you should nominate me as your pick so that you all can cower beneath the weight of my two fantasy championships from last season and maybe even get some tips on how to really fantasy football. Even though I’ve never been in Nashville for more than three hours, I have been a lifelong Titans fan and avidly read any Titans content put out by you guys or others. I coach college football at Westminster College in Missouri and our season is currently suspended, so I need another league championship to quell my thirst for football. I’ll talk very respectful crap and at the very least, even if I don’t win (which is unlikely), I’ll beat the Colts fan! I swear that upon my honor. Good day sirs, and as Ochocinco once said, “I love you!”