“Retired” Mike: A Magical Article

Do you miss Mike Herndon? I know I do. If you think you’ll find Mike kicking back on the beach in Thailand sipping Mojitos while watching the boats drift past…you’re wrong.

Mike may or may not be even more active on the ole Twitter machine these days. I know I spend the majority of my day refreshing hoping to see those lil Mike nuggets that pop up. You might have a life and can not wait around for those tweets especially since they are unfiltered and unrestricted by schedules.

Worry not my friends, I scowered through his page (with his approval) and will be presenting the best Mike tweets of the week. He thinks he can walk away free and clear? Well he can. And we miss him, hopefully this helps you as much as it does me. Enjoy.

The highs and lows of Monday Night Football.

King Henry appreciation tweets are always gold

Missed chance to use the can’t wait GIF.

A wonderful sack full of thread…er a thread on sacks.

Sage advice to save needed time.


Chubb got hurt reading this.

You can ask him, but Green won’t pay attention.

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