Rocket City Recap: Huntsville lose 5-0 to Orlando City B, marking 15th consecutive loss

August 19th was quite the day for many of us. I’m sure quite a bit of you were where I was, in GEODIS Park watching Nashville SC in Leagues Cup Final against Inter Miami. Truthfully, that was a day I’ll never forget. There was an air about that stadium I can’t quite describe that I’ve never felt before or since at any sporting event.

However, there are probably parts of that day you overlooked. One of them was Huntsville City playing against Philadelphia Union 2. The Boys in Blue would win that game 5-2, with a hat trick from Azaad Liadi being the highlight of the night. I’m sure, if you were invested in Leagues Cup Final, you may not have even known that game was happening.

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Believe it or not, that match was Huntsville’s last win in regulation. They would beat Inter Miami 2 on penalties the following week, and have yet to win a game since. I’m actually going to spare you a detailed recap of the game against Orlando City B. It was ugly.

From the opening kick to full time, Orlando was in total control. Huntsville took nine total shots in the course of the match, while the Lions put 13 of their 24 on target. That really tells the story. Let’s back up and take a view of the bigger picture.

What now?

Development has always, and will always be the number one priority in Huntsville. I’m sure everyone involved wants to stack Joe Davis Stadium with all kinds of trophies and banners, that’s the nature of being a competitor. It also certainly helps Huntsville’s financial stability to win lots of games and draw in lots of fans as as we’ve discussed before.

But above all, Huntsville City FC exists to serve Nashville SC’s interests. Players are generally meant to stay in the Rocket City exactly as long as it takes them to find a place in the Music City, and no longer than that.

We can talk all we want about how minutes are more important than results as far as player development, and to a degree that’s true. However, confidence is also a massive factor. It’s hard to become the best player on the field every game if you don’t believe you can be the best player on the field every game.

Now I’m no psychologist, but something tells me losing 15 straight games is not exactly beneficial to the confidence of a bunch of incredibly young players. Especially in a sport where it is incredibly difficult to lose 15 straight games.

How does this get fixed? Theoretically, the talent is there to at least win something. Anything. Sure, reinforcements Huntsville thought they’d have won’t be there anymore, such as Nick DePuy and Forster Ajago.

But this is a league that doesn’t allow draws, and Huntsville have already been to three penalty shootouts this season. Eventually something has to give. Is it soon?

Up next for the Boys In Blue is a road game against Carolina Core FC, who only have one win on the year. We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for silver linings here, but that could be a spot for Huntsville to finally, mercifully, end this losing streak.

Honestly, I try really hard to look for positives in this team. Like I said, development always comes first, and I do believe in a good number of the players in Huntsville. I’m not even frustrated by the results. I’m simply baffled.

The roster turnover over the offseason was, to put it mildly, quite extensive, but there still should be more than enough talent to get results at least occasionally. Why that hasn’t happened in the last nine months is completely beyond me.

But it has to get better eventually. The Huntsville faithful can only hope it comes soon, and leads to a reversal of fortunes.

Author: Ronan Briscoeis a contributor for Broadway Sports, and a founding contributor at, where he covers Nashville SC, Huntsville City FC and Nashville's youth academy.

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