Second Injury Report Analysis: Who’s Needed More? Treylon Burks vs Denico Autry

I wanted to do something a little different for the proverbial rest day. I wanted to look at numbers and see who has been missed more by the team with their absence. If you want to skip that, just click here to head to the injury report section.

Denico Autry

StatWith AutryWithout Autry
Overall EPA/Play12th31st
Overall Success Rate3rd (40.1%)25th (47.4%)
Pass EPA/Play12th32nd
Pass Success Rate9th (43.6%)31st (53.7%)
Rush EPA/Play2nd7th
Rush Success Rate1st (31.4%)8th (35.6%)
Pressures Per Game22.812
Points Allowed Per Game18.530.3
Yards Allowed Per Game349418.3

Treylon Burks

StatWith Burks
(Weeks 1-4)
Without Burks*
(Weeks 5-9)
With Burks
(Weeks 10-12)
Without Burks
(vs JAX)
Overall EPA/Play19th22nd10th21st
Overall Success Rate15th (45.6%)28th (39.5%)15th (44%)9th (47%)
Pass EPA/Play12th32nd4th24th
Pass Success Rate8th (50%)32nd (37.2%)5th (51.8%)9th (48.9%)
Rush EPA/Play26th8th28th18th
Rush Success Rate17th (40%)17th (41%)27th (31.4%)12th (42.1%)
Total Points Per Game18.7518.52022
Total Yards Per Game287.5269.5353364
Passing Yards Per Game185.387.25284.3227
Passing TDs Per Game1.70.31.32
*Two Games with Malik Willis


I think with the way the Titans defense was looking and how they were winning games, that it’s easy to conclude that the Titans miss Denico Autry more than Treylon Burks. However, they do miss both.

Injury Report Info

Here’s a quick peek at the injury report for both teams.

Originally tweeted by Jim Wyatt (@jwyattsports) on December 15, 2022.

Quick Updates

  • Lonnie Johnson, Jr: 21-day practice window open. If both him and Cunningham are activated to the roster that leaves the Titans only able to activate one of the following three: Elijah Molden, Kyle Philips, & David Long, Jr
  • Zach Cunningham: Yellow contact jersey
  • Robert Woods (Illness, DNP): Survived his disease
  • Dontrell Hilliard (Neck, DNP): Don’t expect him back Sunday, and I wouldn’t bet next Sunday either
  • Denico Autry (Knee, LP): Momentum looking good
  • Hassan Haskins (Hip, FP): Ready for his bigger role on Sunday
  • Treylon Burks (Concussion, DNP): See ya next week
  • Tre Avery (Concussion, LP): Looks to be clearing protocol
  • Kristian Fulton (Groin, DNP): Pray that they’re just healing via rest and he can play on Sunday
  • CJ Board (Ribs, DNP): 
  • Everyone Else: Veteran Rest Day
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