Stats that defined the match: Nashville SC 0-0 New York Red Bulls

Nashville SC kicked off their 2024 MLS campaign with a scoreless draw against New York Red Bulls on Sunday at Geodis Park. Jeff Remlinger dives into the numbers to break down the game for the Coyotes.

75% passing accuracy from Jack Maher

NYRB is a pressing team. You need a calm defense and midfield to make plays under pressure. Jack Maher completed 75% of his passes. As a center back, that’s terrible.

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In 2023, Maher had one game with a lower passing percentage. MacNaughton also had one and Zimmerman had three games with a lower completion percentage. Center backs are the calm metronome at the back mixed in with the occasional long ball.

Too often last night, Nashville’s CBs gave the ball away under pressure and conceded a good chance.

4/16 duels won by Tyler Boyd

The New York Red Bulls are known for their prowess in duels, so this is no real surprise. Boyd also struggled with passing, completing only 14 passes in the game.

To be fair, the stat line he produced in tonight’s game is similar to what Mukhtar usually puts up when he is played without any support. Both players try to beat defenders one-on-one, but it rarely works out.

13/28 duels won by Teal Bunbury

I know what the public opinion is on Bunbury, but he still serves a very important job for this Nashville SC team. He wins the ball. Bunbury won the most duels in the game, against NYRB, a team known for winning duels.

The problem is what he did with the ball once he won it. 39% passing, one shot on target, zero chances created. After he won the ball he wasn’t able to do anything with it, and too often that is the story for Bunbury. It was disappointing performance, and showed the drop Nashville will suffer this season when Sam Surridge isn’t on the field.

Gold Star of the Match: Aníbal Godoy

Nashville saw a spark of life once Godoy and Zimmerman subbed in. Aníbal Godoy was a cool head and completed passes under NYRB’s brutal press. He is my Gold Star of the match.

  • 20/23 passing
  • 4/5 long balls
  • 5 passes into final third
  • 2 INTs
  • 4 recoveries
  • 11 Forward Zone Passes

Godoy had 11 passes into the NYRB half. That’s second on the team and 10th in the game, remarkable for a player on the field for just 30 minutes. Perhaps it was too little too late in the end, but Godoy remains an vital piece for NSC.

Author: Jeff RemlingerJeff Remlinger, a data nerd from Chicago, IL, fell in love with MLS by watching the Chicago Fire. Some would say he threw his Fire jersey in the trash a little too quickly when Nashville joined MLS. Jeff has a passion for the statistical side of sports, and when he’s not writing about soccer, he can be found watching his beloved Arsenal or Iowa State Cyclones. Jeff can be found @MusicCitySCStat on X, where he shares his statistical analysis of Nashville SC.

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