Terrible Twitter Takes

Non-Titans Twitter

3. I too enjoyed the blowout.

2. Congrats to Patrick Mahomes for being related to Jackson Mahomes and breaking all those passing records on Sunday!

1. Interesting to me that Ryan Tannehill can’t out duel any of the “elite” AFC QBs when the Titans just beat the best two in back to back weeks.

Titans Twitter

8. He did.

7. Vlove, what are you doing?

6. Is Willie Snead going to replace Dez Fitzpatrick on the practice squad?

5. He threw a TD pass, do you need more?

4. Sad to see Evans’ career end so early. Especially since he’s not even on the injury report. Godspeed Darryton.

3. Drugs are bad.

2. Ryan Tannehill, the saboteur.

1. Obviously hot chicken was created in 2019 and the founding father was Colonel Sanders.

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