Terrible Twitter Takes

Non-Titans Twitter

1. There are absolutely no excuses.

Titans Twitter

19. “Never” must not apply to Halloween.

18. You wanted problems? You got a big one. He wears #2 and plays like it.

17. It’s good that NFL games are longer than a quarter.

16. Fat Randy called game

15. I’m so sleepy

14. Too soon.

13. Should Henry be fired then?

12. JRob has been fired.

11. I think the defense has actually been pretty good.

10. Is being 6th in points per game actually bad?

9. Hear me out. What if you get multiple challenges and punting out of the endzone is worse than not?

8. Did you call the comeback too?

7. I feel like “no” isn’t a strong enough word.

6. We are all delusional clowns.

5. Playing through the whistle is dumb.

4. Carson playing 15D space chess throwing picks to lose the lead.

3. Yikes.

2. Not sure who is worse. The person that suggested the nickname, the person that thought it was poll worthy, or the 7.9% that voted for it.

1. Nothing says you’re a contender like sitting everyone out when a competitive team comes along.

Author: Robert GreenlawBorn and raised west of the Mighty Mississippi, a 2nd-grade project on the state of Tennessee introduced Robert to Steve McNair and Eddie George, turning him into a Titans fan for life. Robert was best known for being the Music City Miracles "links guy" for the better part of a decade. He loves all things sports and can be found on The Flex fantasy football podcast, part of Broadway Sports Media.

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