Terrible Twitter Takes

Non-Titans Twitter

5. Last name Freeze because of the cold takes, right?

4. If Wolken had an awareness rating in Madden, it would be 0.

3. His correctness rating would also be 0.

2. Orlovsky has morphed into a hot take artist and it’s really bad.

1. It absolutely does not.

Titans Twitter

5. He’s back for one day and already made me mad

4. I mean, probably not.

3. The team that was swept is better than the team that swept them, is Bruce Banner the creator of DVOA?

2. I don’t know if Jared is the Dan Wolken of Nashville media or if Wolken is the Stillman of college sports. Either way, they say some dumb stuff. A lot.

1. He knows football, folks.

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