Terrible Twitter Takes

Enjoy the new theme song to Terrible Twitter Takes

Non-Titans Twitter

3. Tipping less than 10% actually IS the issue.

1B. I really just don’t have words for this.

1A. Or this.

Game Over Twitter

No captions needed. These fine folks just forgot that football consists of two halves.

Titans Twitter

16. Jimmy G. saved Christmas.

15. It looks like they put their eggs in the winning basket.

14. Austin just had a baby. Cut him some slack.

13. Tell me you have amnesia without telling me you have amnesia.

12. Todd Downing had a really awful first half last Thursday. Second half was great, but apparently that was the product of players going rouge! Don’t let that bias show too much, Adam.

11. One of the best games Tannehill has played this year and Jason is out.

10. Whatever the Titans do, they absolutely should not draft a QB in round 1 this year.

9. Some of you all hate Tannehill for no reason, but at least you aren’t paid to talk about it.

8. It’s always good to have the least favorable path possible.

7. Sydstradomus over here.

6. Tate would have 15 catches per game? In what world?

5. Discuss please.

4. This has to be a joke.

3. Seriously, Jommy?

2. The only backlash received is the grief you should get for this tweet.

1. Golden Tate has over 8,000 yards in his career and 46 TDs. Mason Kinsey has 0 yards and 0 TDs in his career.

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  1. Well, as for number 12, I say all of us fans get together and donate as much red body paint as we can to the players. If it helped RT and AJ, think of how good we’ll be if all of our players go rouge!

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