Terrible Twitter Takes

Non-Titans Twitter

Time to raise the banner! Colts fans are clowns.

Titans Twitter

9. The trade deadline really brings out the levelheadedness in people.

8. Same tweet as above, just with more capital letters.

7. Sheesh.

6. This idiot needs to watch a game to it’s conclusion before assuming the Titans couldn’t beat the Texans with anyone at QB.

5. I am 100% sure there are some racially motivated takes out there regarding Malik and his play and future as a franchise signal caller. The people spewing that garbage suck. However, if you think that Malik’s performance on Sunday in his first career start was “plays just like 17” then you need to get your eyes checked. Hopefully Malik can become a better player than Tannehill, but he’s not even close right now and Sunday proved that.

4. The Titans are blessed they had to play the poverty franchise last Sunday, because the “pass 10 times a game” formula is not going to work. Let Malik sit and learn.

3. Actually a correct take. He had 200 yards.

2. Simmons was drafted too early? Side note: Pray for Mike Herndon. Nothing is wrong, he just has to deal with the lowest IQ people in society on a daily basis.

1. Worst take of the year candidate. Hopefully you are enlightened at some point in your life.

BONUS TAKES: These takes are older than a week old, but very much deserve to be highlighted here.

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