Terrible Twitter Takes

Non-Titans Twitter

8. What an unappealing score to want.

7. I believe what happened is they signed Arson Judge.

6. This was a tweet sent too soon.

5. Let’s not.

4. Not a take, and the sandwich might have been delicious, but this is one of the worst food pics I’ve ever seen.

3. Hello, soccer dweeb here. Derrick Henry would not have been the best American player of all time. He wouldn’t sniff the USMNT.

2. I cannot imagine thinking that Patrick Mahomes sucks in big game situations.

1. At least once a year someone says this and every year, it’s embarrassing for the person who said it.

Titans Twitter

25. I believe Autry is being brought up because he helps the defense. I’m no brainiac though.

24. He had more than two bad offseasons (2020-2022), which is why he’s gone.

23. Not sure what you’re skeptical of, Stephen. He was fired. This isn’t some sort of conspiracy theory.

22. Tony Dungy is confused why you would want a new GM overseeing the college scouting prior to the next draft.

21. No thank you.

20. What exactly do you think is going to change with the culture?

19. Lomas is in a bad place right now.

18. If you aren’t blocked by Cian, I question your fandom. He’s been one of the worst for a very long time.

17. This appears to be a Cian follower.

16. I know it’s a what have you done for me lately business, but Vrabel did just win Coach of the Year.

15. Winning the division and firing winning coaches and GMs is exactly what those do that chase mediocrity.

14. Aged like fine milk.

13. Nope.

12. Like I said, Lomas is in a bad place.

11. Losip at it again. Wondering why fans would be against their team stinking for a while. Not to mention, rebuilds very rarely stick to a specific timeframe.

10. This is a very bad take. Additionally, if you scroll this timeline, you will fine a ton of equally bad takes.

9. I have no idea what this means, but it sounds provocative.

8. Nuance is dead.

7. Please say sike.

6. You know when you say, “with all due respect” or “no offense, but” and then what comes after that is disrespectful or offensive? That’s what the “almost” does here.

5. Rooting for the opposing team was an epidemic on Sunday.

4. One of the crazier takes I’ve seen. Hear me out. I think he was out there because he gives the team the best chance to win, despite the slim chance at a comeback on Sunday.

3. I think what Dennis Daley does on a weekly basis could be best described as “quiet quitting”.

2. You are correct in that you’re going to catch some heat for this.

1. Conjecture stated as fact <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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