Terrible Twitter Takes

Non-Titans Twitter

No comment.

No one will debate it because it’s absolutely not. I almost thought Evan tweeted this.

Stop. Burrow has had more success to this point, but both are good QBs. Looking like an all-time draft class at this point.

Caught up in the moment. Journeyman backup is not taking Kyler’s job.

Something is in the water…

This tweet was in reference to Cam Akers being traded for the lowest form of draft compensation possible. Howie’s anti-narrative-narrative is not holding up.

If you look at these graphs, you’ll see that the usage is almost the same. Fantasy football twitter is off the rails.

Probably the same exact speech.

Be better, dads.

Titans Twitter

Credit to Coach. He had a bad take, took the L and moved on. Didn’t attempt to pass himself off as a genius or try to victimize himself.

Mike Vrabel would not say that.

Well, mostly because he is.

Is your source 420 Titan?

I would rather not have a 35 old RB over assets that could help the team for the long haul.

Losing a game to the Browns can make you tweet wild things.

Oh poor Nick. Still a clown, just not for the reason he initially thought.

Stick a fork in him, boys and girls!

I don’t think Malik has been better at football than Caleb Williams at any level.

Swing and a miss.

Here’s the thing about Vrabel. He is a really good coach.

Lots of people just making things up.

The best things I saw this week.

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