Terrible Twitter Takes

Non-Titans Twitter

It’s sad that the people of Canada don’t have anything good to eat.

Lots of people suck at being a head coach, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t work their way up to the opportunity.

Sad stuff, Grant Williams refuses to pander to the city of Dallas.

The delusionals are at it again.

Worst tweet of all time.

People who decided to invest themselves in an unofficial depth chart.

Titans Twitter

Connor had it first. Will Levis is not good.

Uhhhhh we do not have Tee Higgins at home.

Somehow worse that the “Treylon Burks’ injury is all mental” tweet from earlier this year.

Is this a Kevin Johnson burner account?

Ridiculous tweet on several levels, but at the most basic level, Tannehill is a FA after this year.

Aaron Brewer, known racist. Sidenote: He did the same thing to Levis in the same game, so at least he’s an equal opportunity hater.

If you need help remembering, Mike Munchak put together possibly the worst coaching staff the world has ever seen.

Sorry folks, please hold any gratitude for only one player on the team at a time.

Touch grass.

Best things I saw this week.

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