Terrible Twitter Takes

Non-Titans Twitter

2. This is just sad, Marlon.

1. Not so sure about that. Seemed to hold up pretty well.

Titans Twitter

10. Would you like Kendall Lamm to start?

9. Spoiler alert: They weren’t.

8. Not so fast, Matt.

7. Yeah, an 18 point win typically means you were terrible in all 3 phases.

6. It’s really not too much. He’s terrible and the Titans are better off without him.

5. He had 7 pressures and Trevor Lawrence was certainly inbounds on the “late hit” call. Sorry Kevin.

4. His yards after contact would disagree. So would Quandre Diggs’ face.

3. Every week this man tries to top himself.

2. Guess you must not have been a Titans fan in Week 14 or 15 of 2020.

1. Get yourself to a Conspiracists Anonymous meeting ASAP.

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